A house is only as good as its foundation and internal structure.  Without these components being sound, your home is always at risk.  Quality Home Remodeling puts 100% dedication into the preservation and maintenance of a homes foundation and frame.  Our building staff knows how important it is to use only quality building materials and practices when developing a new structure or add on.  Because our environment is changing rapidly, it is crucial that your home’s basic structures can stand strong against the elements; including natural disasters.

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What can you expect when you call us?  Look at what we offer:

Complete foundation – Our trained staff will determine your soil conditions as well as the surrounding earth to see what type of foundation will work best.  They will seek out only quality building materials and plan out the job.  If they find that any additional work is required beyond the original design, you will be notified of it and of any associated costs.   Open communication and honesty are imperative so that our customers are 100% satisfied!

Quality framing – When you call Quality Home for your framing needs, you rest assured know that all services are included.  Interior, exterior, floors and ceiling are all framed under our work plan.  We work with common specifications such as flat ceilings at a height of 8 feet.  There may be additional costs for vaulted or elevated ceilings that go beyond this common height.  Call us today for an estimate.

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