Adding on to your home may seem like a daunting and stressful task, but think of the alternatives.  Often times when homeowners need more room, they will resort to selling one home to buy another.  Quality Home Remodeling is here to ask the question: Why not just add on to your current home?  The costs are a fraction of selling and purchasing costs and you can keep the home you love but just make it better!

New babies, family members moving in, in need of a home office; these are all reasons many homeowners need more space.  As our lives grow, so does our “stuff”.  Our designers work closely with you to determine just how much space you need and where it would serve you best in your home.  We work with the city and state to ensure all permits and requirements are being met.  We weigh and balance the costs of the addition with your budget.  In essence, we eliminate the stress!

We provide the blue prints, determine the foundation, upgrade and service your electrical connections, frame the room as well as help you choose the right windows and doors for the new space.

The following options can be performed on your new addition for an extra charge:

  • High Ceilings
  • Interior Finish
  • Other Roofing Materials
  • Wooden Windows

You won’t find a more affordable solution than calling Quality Home Remodeling. All of our services are backed by a satisfaction guarantee!  Call us today for an estimate and let us help your family grow in comfort and style!

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